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From the beginning of the Golden Age of air travel of the 1950s, customers were introduced to the option of travelling long distances in short periods of time. Since then, commercial airlines have evolved from being a luxury, catered for the wealthy, to becoming a commodity available to a wide range of customers. With more than (add number of passengers that travel a year) passengers that travel each year worldwide, the need for tickets and special offers is in high demand. However, with the amount of Commercial Airlines available on the market right now, identifying the best offer can be quite difficult.

For this reason, Garuth Travels, Sama Travels and Fleri offer services that help future passengers make the best decision in accordance to their needs.

Garuh Travels

Established in 2000, Garuh Travel has a dual role: acting as both a travel agency and a general sales agent.

Garuh Travel Agency is the leading tourism and services group in Kuwait.  It boasts world class service, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.  It dominates many areas of travel and tourism in Kuwait, including the supply of packages for smaller groups and agencies

Sama Travels


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