Al Shajara Energy

Al Shajara Energy

The ALSHAJARA ENERGY Company is a set of companies devoted to development, management installation, construction, investment, operation and maintenance activities related to photovoltaic solar facilities. In the past years we have also carried out engineering projects for other companies within the industry, as well as performing research and development on new installation systems.



The ALSHAJARA ENERGY Company is a clean technology powerhouse that accelerates access to low-cost, safely deployed, Megawatt-scale solar energy. We are transforming solar technologies to realise our vision of a world where abundant, accessible, and affordable power from the sun meets all our energy needs. At present, the development and sale of “turnkey” facilities is one of the company’s main activities. Our company develops different types of facilities to meet the endusers’ requirements. For instance, health and safety; works management, execution and control, processing of permits, authorizations and REPE (Register of Power Producers under the Special Regime) registrations for other companies within the industry. Our professional management team with experience in implementing complex industrial projects supported by team of highly qualified engineers with large experience in power electronics, networking and communicational systems, the management of industrial enterprises. In our work, we make extensive use of methods and tools of project management. The company has established and successfully operated the project office, acting as a single project management unit, which is able to arrange development of standardized projects, analysis and monitoring of their implementation, training of project management techniques and many others.

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