ADOSCO provides full service operations in conjunction with our current distribution network for the support of customers in the Middle East and West Africa we can manufacture a complete line of equipment for oil and gas wells up to and including high rate ,high temperature gas wells. We normally manufactures and maintains stock of standard equipment in support of customers.

we can provide turnkey services for the support through our partnerships of drilling and completion of oil and gas wells.

We also support drilling operations with a full suite of equipment design for the work over and drilling rig fleets in the
Middle East and West Africa

Some of our servcies:

  • We provide X-Pat Supervisors for on-site installation services.
  • We provide on the job training of customer engineers to insure full knowledge of completion equipment
  • Recurrent training for production support and installation services on continuous basis
  • Well site inspections, equipment redress. Shop support and Oil Company employee training provided as required
  • We provide total support for all international operations by providing equipment, logistical and financial support from its global offices.
  • ADOSCO maintains a complete QA/QC program to insure our products meet and exceed all regulatory requirements in oil and gas and other related industries.

Special Features:

  • ADOSCO has direct access to the latest technology thru partnerships and provides these products with a direct sales and support network with a focus in the Middle East and West Africa
  • ADOSCO’s involvement in all phases of oil & gas, heavy industry development, heavy equipment support and the supply of products related to these industries gives the company a strong operating base for future development by increasing partnership relationships with key OEM and new product suppliers.
  • ADOSCO through its key partnerships can also provide for upstream & downstream development of Oil & Gas projects by using our technical expertise in design, engineering, implementation, funding and final operational startup phases while providing service and maintenance support through the life of the project

Completion Products

  • Isolation Packers Hydraulic Retrievable
  • Liner Hanger Systems
  • Dual Completion Packers
  • HP/HT Gas Well Completion Packers
  • Permanent Completion Packers
  • Gas Lift Systems
  • Flow Control Devices
  • Permanent Completion Packers
  • Indexing Mule Shoes
  • Hydro-Trip Subs
  • Seal Units